Subtitles – Chief – Keishichou IR Bunsekishitsu

Title: Chief – Keishichou IR Bunsekishitsu / CHIEF~警視庁IR分析室~
Broadcast date: April 15, 2018
Network: TV Asahi
Casts: Sawamura Ikki, Yoshii Rei, Miyagawa Ichirota, Masu Takeshi, Sugawara Daikichi, Maeda Aki

Togane Takichi, the CEO of a construction company, is shot dead in the street in Nishi Shinjuku in Tokyo. The only eyewitness, Odagiri Naoto, refuses to cooperate with the police for some reason. Fukamachi Kotaro, a senior member of the IR Analysis Office, is ordered by Nitta Yukihiko, the head of the First Investigative Division, to handle Odagiri. The newly established office was set up on the pretext of tracking and monitoring suspects and witnesses to advance investigations by using the many surveillance cameras and GPS trackers installed in Tokyo. However, it actually plays a supporting role to the First Investigative Division.

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Viewership Ratings – Spring Dramas Apr-Jun 2018 (1)

Black Pean – (average after 7 episodes) 12.97%
Mikaiketsu no Onna – (average after 7 episodes) 12.85%
Seigi no Se – (average after 8 episodes) 9.85%
Confidence Man JP – (average after 8 episodes) 8.77%
Hana Nochi Hare – (average after 7 episodes) 8.34%
Anata ni wa Kaeru Ie ga Aru – (average after 8 episodes) 8.24%
Miss Devil – (average after 8 episodes) 8.20%
Signal – (average after 8 episodes) 7.63%
Gakeppuchi Hotel! – (average after 8 episodes) 7.45%
Kaseifu no Mitazono 2 – (average after 6 episodes) 6.90%
Monte Cristo Haku – (average after 7 episodes) 5.91%
Love Rerun – (average after 9 episodes) 3.00%

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Review – Unnatural

Drama: Unnatural

Broadcast date: Jan 12, 2018 – Mar 16, 2018

Synopsis (from
A story-a-week episodic medical mystery that treats the theme of reality changing when faced with imminent death. Mystery and exhilarating human drama unfold against the backdrop of the “unnatural death institute”, or “UDI”. For example, the body of a young man is brought into the UDI lab one day; his cause of death attributed to ischemic heart disease in which blood fails to be conveyed to the heart. But the victim’s parents are puzzled by the freak nature of their son’s death and turn to medical coroner Mikoto, to find out why. Together with her lab technician partner, Yuko Shoji, and rookie medical recorder, Rokuro, they examine the body for a possible drug poisoning and then learn that another female colleague of the deceased man has just died suddenly.

Quick review:
This is an episodic mystery drama(a different case for each episode). But it also has a main mystery arch that spans the whole series.

Unsurprisingly, there is enough humor in this drama to lighten things up.

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Quotes – Bara no nai Hanaya

Bara no nai Hanaya Episode 2

Ore sa, hana no you ni warau hito ga sukina nda.
I like those who smile like a flower.
– Shiomi Eiji (Katori Shingo)

Hito wa minna dare ka no onimotsu nano.
Every human being is a baggage to someone else.
– Shirato Mio (Takeuchi Yuko)

Quotes – Anone

Anone Episode 1

Yamanai ame wa nai.
There’s no rain that doesn’t stop.
– Aoba Ruiko (Kobayashi Satomi)

雨は やんでも また降る。
Ame wa yande mo mata furu.
Even if the rain stops, it will come again.
– Mochimoto Kaji (Abe Sadao)