Review – Anone

Drama: Anone

Broadcast date: Jan 10, 2018 – Mar 21, 2018

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The story begins with a girl who has no family, strayed from the right path and lost her perspective in life, meeting a much older woman. Both of them were deceived, betrayed and have lost faith in other people, but somehow they gravitate towards each other and so the older woman gives shelter to the girl. Triggered by a certain incident, the two of them eventually find true humanity.

This drama is about the wonderful friendship of 4 persons of different ages, and how they are sucked into the world of crime.

It has everything — drama, romance, suspense, action, comedy and crime, all meshed together amazingly into this excellent drama. And there are touches of delightful quirkiness as well.

The story moves along nicely without being boring in any way. Emotional moments, suspense and comedic moments are skillfully spaced.

Further, it has a cinematic feel to it, which makes the drama look even more interesting and different from the others.

The brilliant screenwriter, Sakamoto Yuji, came up with a real gem in this one. And by the way, he wrote Quartet too, another excellent drama about friendship, but with much less crime and suspense.

Rating: 9/10

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